What Is Gigg On, Girl Festival?


Gigg On, Girl Festival highlights rising female musicians in an industry that often overlooks their presence and diminishes their voices. At Gigg Fest, we’re creating a community where female artists of varying genres and backgrounds take the stage to showcase their unique perspective. Let’s diversify the music industry together. 

Gigg On, Girl.

The Girl Behind it all

Sydne Wheeler Larsen is the creator and founder of Gigg On, Girl. Born in Utah, she came to the big bad city to do big bad things - such as booking an all-women music festival. She is a Senior at Barnard College, NYC and can be found any night of the week at local venues. Syd is a music enthusiast, cookie monster, and knitter of lumpy socks.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Why hold a festival of only female performers?

ICYMI, Reading & Leeds Festival 2015’s lineup was comprised of bands in which 89% were male-only bands; that means only 11% of bands featured at least one woman. Similarly, Glastonbury 2015 featured its first female headliner of the century this year with Florence + The Machine–and she wasn’t even originally booked as such. It’s undeniable that if women in bands were treated equally, we would not see these disappointing statistics.

Maybe there just aren’t that many female bands?

Bands comprised of female artists are not unicorns–they exist all the way up and down the industry chain. This is a matter of supporting female bands in many different facets of the industry: labels, management, etc. Gigg Fest consciously promotes women in a concert setting because live shows are one of the best ways for rising bands to get their names out there and grow their fan base. Bands also earn more money off of their live shows than most other mediums (such as album sales and merchandise).

Can dudes come to the festival?

Abso-freakin-lutely. Everyone of any identification, non-identification, or orientation is welcome! Unicorns included.

What do women bring to music that’s different?

Better question, what don’t they? Aren’t you sick of walking into commercial outlets and hearing songs about the “manic pixie dream girl” archetype? Yeah...We are too. The fact of the matter is that everyone has a unique perspective, and silencing an entire population means there are stories out there that we haven’t heard. Yet

Why should I come?

On an individual level, you should come because we’ll have a KILLER lineup of hip-hop, rock, and electronic music. On a grander scale, when you support this festival you’re proclaiming: “HEY! We want to see and hear more women.” Let ‘em hear it.

More importantly though, let’s empower these deserving musicians by giving them the stage.